AD Computer Account Bulk Import

There is small script to import Active Directory Computer account in bulk using CSV file. Import-Module ActiveDirectory $CSV='[PATH]\Computers.csv’ $OU=’OU=Proctor,OU=Workstations,DC=domain,DC=local’ Import-Csv -Path c:\Computer.csv | ForEach-Object { New-ADComputer -Name $_.ComputerAccount -Path $OU… Read more »

IoT and Cloud Computing

IoT is the about the devices that connected to the internet to performs the processes and service that support our basics needs, economics, health and environment. Hence, cloud computing acts… Read more »

How to Delete Snapshots

How to Delete Snapshots After a successful application upgrade on TGLAB-WSUS01, we no longer need to save the previous state of the VM and can remove the checkpoint. This step can… Read more »