Power Shell Script to Extract Azure MFA Enabled Users Register Mobile No.

Hello Friends, find a small peace of Microsoft Windows power shell script which will help you to extract user mobile no. information registered for Multi Factor Authentication at Azure Active Directory. Make sure you will have Azure Power shell module installed om the System and required Global Administrator rights. Here we go.

$Body= @"

IT Security Operations,

Find the attached sheet contains registered phone numbers of company users enabled with MFA, kindly go through it and do the needful.



get-msoluser -all | select UserPrincipalName -ExpandProperty StrongAuthenticationUserDetails | select UserPrincipalName, PhoneNumber > MFA_ProofedUsers.csv
Send-MailMessage -From Support@sanjars.com -To SocCenter@Sanjars.com -cc admin@sanjars.com -Subject "Registered Phone No. of Company MFA Enabled Users $(Get-Date -UFormat "%d/%m/%Y")" -Body $Body -Attachments MFA_ProofedUsers.CSV -SmtpServer webmail.sanjars.com

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